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Frequently Asked Questions

What about Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children?

Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children (GHJMC) is a non Government organization registered with government of Uganda (Reg. no. 12547) under the Non-governmental organizations registration act.

GHJMC is an organization that was curved out by Born Again Faith with an aim of creating opportunities for the vulnerable children in Uganda.

Following many development activities under Born Again Faith, the executive sat and concluded that there was need to come up with an organization to handle such tasks.  Learn More icon-angle-double-


Who started this organization?

The organization was started by Apostle JJUUKO EDWARD at age of 26years who grew up in one of very remote villages of Uganda known as Ddwaniro which means a place of wars as abandoned child with his 3 siblings.

As young boy at only 11years was responsible for caring of a household of 4children as the father and mother as well and he passed into a lot of difficulties and experienced a lot of improper situations and by GOD’s mercy he became a born again Christian and grow knowing that there are many children in AFRICA who are similar to him that why he decided to start such an organization to put such children first. Learn More icon-angle-double-right

How will this organization benefit the community?

The project will directly stand to benefit 10,000 children in a duration of 25years with a start of 850 beneficiaries in 3years. In particular the interventions gear up to address the scholastic materials needs.

The other will cover the welfare component. Pupils on Universal Primary Education program will receive scholastic materials and provisions for their welfare improvement.

These will cater for mattress, a pair of bed sheets, a blanket, a pair of shoes, trousers, 2 pairs of shirts, 2 pairs of skirts and 2 pairs of brouses and School Uniforms, Its Honor that each child will be availed with such a complete set of welfare logistical items. In addition each child will receive some scholastic materials per term. Learn More icon-angle-double-right

Why Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children?

Currently, Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. Conservative estimates predict this number will grow. The average Ugandan family has 7 children. When parents die, their children are too great a burden for extended families to manage.

Relatives already struggle to provide for their own. As a result, children are farmed out to different family members in diverse locations. Therefore, an orphaned child loses not only his parents, but often his siblings as well. Some are treated poorly by resentful relatives. Others try to survive on the streets. In all respects, they are outcasts.

Owing to the available evidence, the conditions for the orphans’ children in Uganda seem not to be better off. It’s now becoming trendy that conditions of the orphans and vulnerable children still just escalate for the worse.

This reality is likely to double in the foreseeable future. On the premise of this, this proposed set of interventions seeks to address this matter by implementing this project. Learn More

What are some of the core values we follow?

1. Inclusiveness and participation:
Ensure that the Project has strong community involvement at various stages. Focus on reaching the most marginalized people.

2. Integrity, Transparency and Accountability:
Have a strong and well-designed selection process. Put in place strong financial systems to ensure that funds are never misused. The funds will be accountable through authorization, monitoring and evaluation, provision of audit by certified accountants.

3. Effectiveness and value for money:
Keep the operating costs low and enable the maximum amount of funds to be used in supporting the recipients. Invest in monitoring and evaluation to assess impact. Be honest in admitting mistakes and take immediate corrective action.

4. Innovation:
Adopt cutting-edge ideas to strengthen the implementation of the projects. Invest in constant learning both from within and outside the organization. Learn More

What about the child sponsorship program?

The primary aim of the Child Sponsorship Program will be to lead the child to become a dedicated Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Children can be sponsored from the time they start pre-school through secondary school. The sponsor may select more than 1 child to sponsor.

The sponsor may select a specific child via the website or may ask GHJMC to select the child. The sponsor may select by school grade and/or gender. Learn More

I want to sponsor, whats the procedure?

Children can be sponsored from the time they start pre-school through secondary school. The sponsor may select more than 1 child to sponsor.

The sponsor may select a specific child via the website or may ask GHJMC to select the child. The sponsor may select by school grade and/or gender.

The sponsor may select to pay for sponsorship via cash, check, credit card or automatic withdrawal method. Payments may be made on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

The sponsor may at any time discontinue sponsorship. If the discontinuance notice is given to GHJMC during the middle of the month, the discontinuance will be in effect the month following.

The sponsor will receive an e-mail reminder if the payment selected is quarterly or monthly.

No paper reminder will be sent. The sponsor will be responsible for notifying GHJMC of any change in e-mail address. Learn More

Just select any child of your choice

Once a year the sponsor will receive a glossy 3 x 5 print of the sponsored child, and will receive a letter from the child on a quarterly basis.

The sponsor will not be able to give the child any special gifts, either at a birthday or Christmas or at any time, so as not to get into conflict with policy at the impact school which prohibits this. (This is done so there will be no strife between the children who receive and the ones who don’t).

The sponsor may at any time correspond with the sponsored child via regular mail.The funds collected for the sponsored children will be used to feed, clothe, and educate the children.

Part of these funds will be used to purchase land and farm implements for the purpose of teaching the children to farm and eventually be self-sufficient.

In addition some funds will be used to teach the children to sew, or mechanics, etc., all so that each child will be able to learn a craft or trade to be self-supporting when graduating from secondary school.

The cost of sponsorship is only $25.00 per month, of which almost all of it, $20.00, will go directly to the impact school the child attends. $5.00 will be retained for administration expenses in Uganda.

It is sometimes necessary to deliver bad news to a sponsored child. Sponsors end support for various reasons including financial constraints and death.

Some children don’t take such news well, and field Monitors are trained to handle these situations with care and wisdom.

How to make donations?

Currently we accept donations via the following media icon-credit-card 

Take a look at some of the items you may wish to donate to us

Scholarstic Materials

-Geometry Sets
-Ream Papers
-Colored Pencils
-School Fees
-Toilet Papers
-School Uniform
-Sports wears
-School Bags
-School Shoes

Administrative Materials

-Vechicles[Double-cabin cars & Lorries]
-Motor Cycles
-Stationery Equipments[printers & photocopiers]
-Staff salaries and allowances

Basic Needs

-Lunch for pupils
-Mosquito Nets

Learn More icon-angle-double-right

What are some of the projects of GHJMC?

Despite the fact that the organization is dealing with a big task of supporting the vulnerables, orphans and needy children and the demand is too high, the organization designed a five(5) folded income generating projects in order to attain the organization self sustainability in future. As listed below;-


Bee – keeping

Goat – keeping

Fruit Growing

Poultry keeping

What does the organization say about Christ?

Mathew 18:5   Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.
This gives us a clear insight of christ’s Love for us to help those in need and marginalized wherever we find them.

We are an effective means of reaching hurting children (OVC’s) in the community and Uganda at large with possible support like;- Education, food and other assistance in the name of Jesus Christ.

This in focal point earns us a hearing for the gospel to these marginalized children, the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ, and many have surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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