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Project Proposal on Community Based Educational Project for the school children between the age group of 3 to 18 years.

“Isiah 54:13; All your children shall be taught by the lord and the great shall be the peace of your children.”


Organization Profile:Name of NGO: Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children (Ghjmc)

Address of NGO:

Admin Office: Kyabakuza ‘A’,Kimanya-Kyabakuza Division, Masaka Municipality, Central Uganda, 130km From Kampala City, East Africa, Africa.

Contact Numbers (Phone/Fax/Email) and Name of Contact Person for this Project

Phone Numbers:

+256 700327764 | +256 778441525 +256 753261220 | +256 776261220 |  +256 0702623978


Contact Persons:

Edward Jjuuko (Project-Officer)   Mobile No: +256 700327764

Annet Nakalanzi (Secretary )  Mobile No : +256 776078742

NGO Registration Act No.:

Registration No. (12547) Under The Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act.


The NGO was Founded In 2016

Name of the Head of the Organisation:

Pr. Walugembe Michael and Edward Jjuuko

Project Goal:

Ensuring right to Education to deprived urban children in certain Masaka municipality and vulnerable children within remote areas of greater Masaka through integration of support system and responsive community action.

Project Objectives:

A) Spread awareness and motivate parents in target locations on importance of children’s education
B) To facilitate and develop a model of Child friendly education system and to create interest amongst the vulnerable children towards formal education system
C) Create a participatory model of Community Schooling through integrating the existing education / school and support systems.
D) Ensure participation of children in developing child friendly teaching, learning materials and facilitate their process of learning joyful.

Project History:

GHJMC has engaged in different activities in the field of community based education and is aiming at building 8 schools in greater Masaka gear up the project . At present there are near about 2500 children and adolescents who are involved with this project. The experiences gathered through this project have encouraged GHJMC for its future activities.

The projects of GHJMC are more or less similar to the program. If we can implement this project then the work standard will improve and we can include more and more up to 10,000 children within this project.

From January 2016 community members have been supporting this project; it will be ended on December 2025. At present 2500 children are enrolled with this project. Presently GHJMC is co-running 5 community based education centers in different slum areas of Greater Masaka. In these 5 schools GHJMC engaged 28 community school teachers. They are working with community children.

All these 2500 children will be mainstreamed in different formal school within February 2017.


Right to Education for every child should be a reality and needs to be translated into action to bring a visible change through involvement of the people who deserve it most, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life, livelihood as compared to the mainstream of civilization. In this mission we have to ensure participation and direct involvement of all the community people and to include the existing facilities, resources and the system in our work area.


Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children will work as per the following strategies:

A. Conduct a study and assess actual needs realized by the target children and community and to design a flexible model spread education amongst children in target locations.
B. Ensure community participation and create a community schooling method.
C. To liaise with other organizations / stakeholders involved with the bigger gamut of the whole project, bring and keep synergy to work towards achieving the holistic approach of the project.
D. To work within the existing resources and systems, strengthen and making it more functional and not attempt to create any parallel alternative.
E. To involve the family and the environment within the work area.
F. To give priority to child rights in respect of education.

Project beneficiaries:


The direct beneficiaries of this project will be 500 children (25 children X 20 centres) for mainstreaming program. They are basically vulnerable group of Deprived Children, more specifically street children, slum children, working children, children of sex workers, children of families at risk (like refugees, migrants, single parents), girl child and disabled children .

Indirectly we can ensure participation of community children & parents, formal schools, local authority, clubs and other NGOs.
GHJM for the first year have already registered 2500 vulnerable and orphans with nearly 1500 children for providing formal education. At present around 850 children are enlisted in the primary level education and the rest in higher education. We have created opportunities for these children to take formal education

Justification of starting the project in the community:

1. GHJMC has got an access to reach to the non school going children and dropped out children of the community through this project. As GHJMC has been working with this project and the community members for last year, it is succeeding to acquire their faith and believe in community based formal schooling.
2. Community members and parents have started to accept this project as their own project and that is why hundred percent participation from the community members is now the asset of this project.
3. After an endless effort GHJMC is succeed to make the community members understand that Education is the right of every children and that is why children are not for schools rather schools are mend for their education. So if they are unable to reach to school then school would reach to them.
4. Garden of Justice Mission for Children assumes that 2467 students out of 2500 students are going to be mainstreamed within February 2017.It itself proves its credibility in community based education.
5. The students of those community centers are now acting as role model for other non school going children of the community.
In such a circumstance GHJMC is very much eager to work with these community based schools.

Statement of needs:
Having these 5 community based school centers, Community members are now very much glad and proud. They participate in all the activities of this project as their own work. This is for the first time; they have realized the need of such community based education for their own empowerment. The parents have realized the importance of these community based school centers for the education of their non school going and dropped out children. Children have found back their interest in schooling because of interesting learning materials and innovative learning style.
Feeling the needs of the community GHJMC wants to utilize the stipulated duration cooperatively with these schools and those to be built in order to extend the program to many vulnerable children. It also feels that such kind of project is now an essential part of the community.


Garden of Justice Mission for Children has been working in these communities in collaboration with Local Clubs and Community Key Members.

Expected Outcome:
Having experience of a year in the same work ,GHJMC expects to mainstream 500 non-school going and dropped out children of age group 3to 18 in different formal schools with in February 2017 to June 2019.


– Project directors
– Project coordinators
– Project Supervisors
– Full Time Accountant
– Project general secretary

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