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Jjuuko EdwardOur dear valued guardians, partners, donors, and entire family of born again people you are most welcome to GHJMC website and I pray for you to be blessed by the Most Merciful and Most Honorable Jesus Christ. Apostle Jjuuko Edward is an administrator who did BBA and has been in the field for more than 5 years and has been working as semi-skilled personnel to many organizations since the age of 17 years before starting GHJMC at age of 25years. I am the executive director of Garden of Honor Justice Mission for Children . I have served in different organizations like;- Set Free Ministries Kyabakuza and Ddwaniro branch, and served as a leader in church and born again faith schools as a teacher. I am married to Kabiri Maria for 2 years and blessed with a son.

Pr. Michael Walugembe

I am the Senior pastor of Glory of Christ church Kyabakuza Masaka.
I was born on 12th-09-1955 in greater Masaka district. I studied and completed my primary level from St. Herman Nkoni primary school, Bukalasa seminary for secondary with a wish of becoming a priest. I later joined a commercial business school and qualified as store keeper.

I got married on 8th-12-1979 and by now I have fourteen children. Among these children one of them got saved at eleven years. Being a staunch catholic, I was forced to disown him and chased him out of my home. One day as I was asleep, I heard a voice saying “Get saved” thrice. I opposed it but due to the pressure I was put on I agreed though it was for granted and did not accept salvation that time.
After a period of four months, one day my daughter’s school dormitory got burnt and I had to go and check on her. On my way to my daughter’s school, I met a young street child of around three years who asked me for some money of which i gave her. Surprisingly the money which I gave the child rolled down and made a sign of flowing snow!

On my way back, I noticed that I had remained with almost nothing because I had remained with only nine hundred Uganda shillings which could not even pay a quarter of my transport fares. I made up my mind to walk a distance of around 180km. as I started walking, God sent a messenger who gave me five thousand shillings which I used as my transport fares back home.

In that time, through God’s messenger, God told me that it was the right time of accepting Jesus Christ to be my personal savior and at the same time visionary He brought the child I had met on the street and there and then I accepted Jesus to be my personal savior. I have walked this journey of salvation since 17th.07.2004 up to the time when I will hold my last breath with Him being my all in all.

After one and half years in Glory Christ church Ddwaniro Rakai where God had put me, I got another dream and heard a voice say to me “Time has come for you to be a pastor” I answered in a bold way “NO” and He replied “YES” and He instructed me to go to Kyabakuza Masaka district from Ddwaniro Rakai district.

God made this possible after a period one more year; I was trained as pastor and hold a diploma in theology. I am now a minister in Glory of Christ ministries Kyabakuza as a senior pastor. Ever since I started the journey of salvation I have so far started two schools;
– 1. Glory of Christ primary school Ddwaniro Rakai District.
– 2. Glory of Christ primary school Kyabakuza Masaka District.
….and whats my vision???
My vision is to educate and bring up God fearing children in future generations. I started with young children because my salvation begun with the young street child who was begging. From then, my heart started yearning to help young poor, orphans and vulnerable children in which some of them were neglected by their parents due to the fact that parents do not have money to satisfy their children’s needs. This hurts me so much due to the fact that I am now a pastor.